BABIT (Houston, TX)

On Wednesday, a fellow author reached out to be about attending the Books are Bigger in Texas Author Event being held in Houston, Texas asking if I wanted to attend. What girl could refuse a well known event, especially when she had no other plans for the weekend?! So I went. The event was held in the 1940 Air Terminal Museum and was very fun. I was pleased to meet a wonderful woman RR Born who was my table mate for the day. All day long I was able to speak new people as well as see familiar faces. The readers were hungry for books coming and going with bags and wagons full, smiling the whole time. The weather the day before had been much cooler but surely warmed up on us Saturday. The air was full of airplanes landing and taking off and chatter from the crowd. The first thirty minutes or so the planes coming in and going

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What is in a name?

A name is given to everything. Trees, Insects, Things, People. Literally everything. We name our children, pets, and even our automobiles. So when the prompt for week 6 in #52Ancestors came up as Favorite Name, I was stuck. Over the last few days, I have diligently to update my ancestry records online from documents I received after my mother’s death in 2004. I have seen so many names. So many names that repeated generation after generation. I even thought¬†at one point was there no other names available to them. But then it made sense, they were passing down the names. Alexander, Hugh, Malcolm, and Duncan. These were names that were documented as far back as 1476, so for my favorite name I choose Duncan. Duncan VI MacGregor was born in Scotland and died February 17, 1476/77 in Scotland. He married a woman with the last name Keppoch in Scotland and had three children, Duncan Dubh, James Dubh, and Gregor Dubh.

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Promises, promises

Many times when the new year rings in we tend to make resolutions and promises of change that never come about. Well… I for one did make a promise to myself to make a change AND I kept it! I changed my website to make it more mobile friendly and I changed three of my book covers. Makeover Madness was happening in my home with the Jein’s Journey Series. Many hours of graphic searches. Many messages of the sort “what about this?” went out to friends and hubs. Only a handful of people really knew I was making these changes so it was easy to keep it hush hush. ūüôā But anytime you remake your first achievement its a big deal – for me that is The Jein’s Journey Series. It was my first series shared with the world. It was my learning curve. It was my headaches, laughter, and joy. But in the end, it is my pride! So,

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An invitation to dinner

An invitation to dinner is week fours writing prompt from #52Ancestors! To imagine having any one of my ancestors, family members known or unknown to dinner is just exciting. But how does one narrow down that invitation to just one when your ancestors date back past the 1400s. That’s a lot people to choose from. Would I want the person I was closest to? Or would I rather have someone who would make me laugh? Hmmm, maybe the person who would enlighten me most about my family, about me? Or would I chose the person who is most known in history? Yes, that is who I would choose. Through my mothers genealogy work it was discovered that we are direct descendants of Robert Roy MacGregor of Scotland who became a historical figure in Scottish history and mine. To imagine his life in the late 1600s and early 1700s, politics, family, a cattleman and trying to do what he felt was

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Genealogy and Words

Over the last few years, I have slowly begun to dive into the genealogy of my family. Years ago, my mother worked an endless number of hours gathering data, researching documents, and joining organizations to learn more about our history. Not just hers or mine but that of our family! I’m blessed to have all her research even if much of it is only one branch of the family. I am also blessed to have my paternal side’s research accessible as well. I have been working for the last few months updating my information on and connecting with others to gather even more information. One conversation led me to the #52Ancestors which is a weekly writing prompt on my genealogy called 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks by Amy Johnson Crow. I plan to participate and have scheduled this posting to happen every Thursday. Week One is a simple start. So this is my introduction and start. My paternal family

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Twenty-four… the number of days left in the year. What will you do with 24? Will you do something kind? Will you give to those in need? Will you spend time with friends you haven’t seen or spoken to in a long time? Will you see and spend time with family? Twenty-four – three weeks and 3 days until the year is gone to never get the chance to say in “2017 I did this…” What happens if that friend or family member doesn’t get twenty-five? Will you regret not calling them or reaching out? For some there is no twenty-four. For some, there is no one. Don’t let the time run out before you speak or do something kind for someone, be it a stranger, a friend, or a loved one.

Smile and Inspire!

As you may have seen in a previous post, Azure Fire Publishing (AFP) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit literary publisher that I am proud to sit on the board for as well will be getting a publishing contract through. We are dedicated to inspiring literacy through fantasy and science-fiction writing challenges and publications. But we would love some help covering the financial end of things. In order for us to be successful, we need your help! Typically this is where I’d give a pitch on donating from your wallet, but not today. Today, I am asking that as you shop on Amazon you do it via Amazon’s Smile program. You can shop like you always do and Amazon will donate a portion of the sales to AFP. As simple as that! The donated portions will go toward funding our writing challenges for new and young authors, our mentoring programs, and of course the day to day business expenses. So, if you shop

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Azure Fire Publishing

  On June 12th I announced on my personal blog that I have been given the opportunity for a writing contract with Azure Fire Publishing. (you can see that post here). I would like to tell you a little more about Azure Fire Publishing. First, I’d say they are very unique in the literary industry as they are a nonprofit literary company, yes a true blue 501(c)(3)! They are very focused on the Fantasy¬†and Science-Fiction genres and desire to help create more youth friendly reads. You can read their Mission Statement here!¬† As a nonprofit, they are accepting donations and currently have a¬†donate button on the website itself as well as a few other locations. Writing challenges with possible publishing contracts will be awarded, several literary events will be sponsored annually, and much more to come. If you would like to learn more about Azure Fire Publishing go here. You can find Azure Fire Publishing in the world at: Twitter

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Great news to share…

Announcement Time! Now that my newsletter has gone out and the news has been shared with those subscribers first – I can share with all of you! I have been offered a writing contract with Azure Fire Publishing! All of my fantasy/sci-fi books will slowly start the transition¬†over to them! What will this mean for my work? Well, I will get more exposure as a published author. The publishing company (not a vanity press) will be working with me and my work. We will be getting a bit of polishing inside, but you will continue to see the same gorgeous covers! What will this mean for readers? My work will be able to reach more individuals in more places while offering a higher quality read. Check out Azure Fire Publishing! They are a Literary 501(c)(3) with very clear goals of what they wish to obtain for the literary world! If you’d like to get this kind of news before the

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