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Supporting more than stories

Ever find a an author and want to support them just a little more than you are? On patreon, that is possible! For as little as one dollar… yes, $1, a month you can support me and get some great goodies. If you want to do more, you can. The more support you give the more I give back to you! Your support will … Read More Supporting more than stories


Morning Coffee with Kasper Beaumont

  Good morning and welcome…. Today, I have with me Kasper Beaumont. I have known Kasper for a few years now and she is an absolute joy!   Welcome Kasper all the way from Australia! Hi everyone. I’m waving a bedsheet really hard so you can see me.  Thanks Cheryllynn for saying I’m a joy. That is actually my middle name. No joke.   Well, … Read More Morning Coffee with Kasper Beaumont

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