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For as long as I can remember I have been claustrophobic. I need doors open and the rooms uncluttered, only my closet doors always had to be closed. I would have panic attacks when I’d have to go through tunnels. So bad so that once when in the Mobile tunnel we got stuck in traffic, my hand was on the handle to get out … Read More Blocked…

My God is Peaceful, Therefore so shall I be

Among all the hate and destruction of this world… we must find peace. My God is peaceful, therefore so shall I be. If your god is full of hate and anger… then maybe you need to consider a new god or way of thinking. Stop the hate, stop the bloodshed. Stop! Remember to love.


The countdown begins ~

In July, I will be heading to the beautiful Emerald Coast of Florida with my family, well most of them… Some couldn’t get off for vacation. We will be in Crestview, Florida for the FATE event! What’s that you ask? Well FATE – Florida Author Takeover Event will be collecting canned and non-perishable goods for those in AMVETS, St. Jude’s and Make A Wish. … Read More The countdown begins ~

Did that really happen?

When I was a teen I moved out of my home my senior year of high school… Life wasn’t easy for me there and therefore, my best friend offered me her couch. By the time I got settled in good – report cards were coming out. The months prior had been pure hell for me and my grades dropped immensely. Now you know all … Read More Did that really happen?

That’s a wrap

As a child we enter kindergarten with big dreams and no limits. As we get older we find our passions and talents and many of our limits. I can remember the day I graduated high school – I was so proud and felt the world was mine to conquer. As a parent this Friday I was able to watch my youngest child walk the … Read More That’s a wrap

BOOK REVIEW: Blossom & The Beast by Author RS McCoy

One of the great perks of being an author is meeting other authors. In that exchange, it so happens that requests to review each other’s work happens… this is the latest gem I had the pleasure of reading. Below I share the book description, an excerpt, and then my review. I am eagerly awaiting book 2 if that tells you how good it is. … Read More BOOK REVIEW: Blossom & The Beast by Author RS McCoy

Coffee date~

If we were having coffee right now…we would sit on the back porch a┬ámy home and sip on that hot and steamy cup of gloriousness. We would enjoy the world that comes to our backyard… the birds singing, the butterflies visiting the flowers, the hummingbirds coming to feast on the nectar available to them and the dogs, well being dogs. We’d talk about the … Read More Coffee date~


A letter to never be answered.

Mom, I know you have been gone for quite some time now, almost twelve years, but I still have the desire on occasion to pick up the phone and call. Not sure this will ever go away. Your grandchildren are all grown up now. High school is over for all but one, he finishes next week, you have three grandchildren now…I am sorry you … Read More A letter to never be answered.

Gone fishing…

Sunday my hubs and I set out to go fishing at one of the near state parks here in Central Texas. We decided on Inks Lake State Park. We had not been fishing in quite some time so our first stop was for worms! Yes… we ended up with three types of worms. Now I’m not afraid of worms so this was our first … Read More Gone fishing…

Why worry?

In our universe a star explodes and dies every single second and there's you, worrying about work tomorrow. — Blu Mar Ten (@BluMarTen) May 31, 2015   This tweet here by @BlueMarTen makes one wonder what they are even worrying about when the universe itself is so full of life and death. Personally, I think its human nature to worry! I could be wrong … Read More Why worry?


On this day for #intropoetry we are to write about imperfections… I will share a poem I wrote not so long ago about the way we see our selves and accomplishments. I hope you enjoy it. 08/12/2015 I am a failure! I failed at being the child my mother wanted, she reminded me regularly of the imposition in her life that I was. I … Read More Imperfect

Where the worlds I create are created…

On most given days this is where you will find me working and writing. There are those random moments when I get to sit outside and enjoy nature and write, those are not as often as I’d like. For those who don’t know I not only blog but I am a writer. I mostly write fantasy / paranormal for young adults and teens (very … Read More Where the worlds I create are created…

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