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An unpopular opinion

While. the country mourns for the losses from our most recent mass shootings, I see people sending prayers and thoughts. Here is where the unpopular opinion will come in – prayers and thoughts will do no one any good but the person sending them and usually even then its not done. Prayers and thoughts won’t stop the madness infecting our countrymen who think it’s … Read More An unpopular opinion

Endorsement Anger?

So Nike does an ad with Kaepernick and the country seems to have gone insane. People are burning their Nike products (cause what is more sensible than burning things you spent damn good money on, right) … Well, now this Louisiana mayor has decided to ban Nike products from the city recreation facilities. He put out a memo stating, “Under no circumstances will any … Read More Endorsement Anger?

Respect and Responsibility

I’ve rewritten this post a few times now… hard to decide where to start, so I’m going to try this one more time. Every one is different. We each look different, think different, like different things. This is okay. What I find disturbing is that every day I find people disrespecting one another based on our differences, whether that is skin color, religion, political … Read More Respect and Responsibility

A change in us

Mere moments ago an historic event took place, the United States of America got a new president – commander in chief. While there are many who are happy and many who are not – we MUST remember first and foremost that WE are a UNITED States. That WE are a UNITED people – and we need to become that again. This past election has divided … Read More A change in us

What changes will come?

As I scroll through my newsfeeds on social media I am overwhelmed by the negativity in this year’s election process…not only on the Presidential level. I am always pleased and quite surprised when there is a positive ad and always stop to give it a 👍🏼 Whether we sit behind our screens or look others in the face, please let us remember we all … Read More What changes will come?


Did you know that voting has not been an available right to every citizen in the United States always? Well, it has not… Now, Most of you should remember that from basic history class in school but over the years we tend to forget some things. So let me refresh your memories: Visiting the site History of Voting Rights you can see a detailed … Read More Voting…

As an American, I am disappointed.

As an American, I am disappointed. In 1989, I dealt with hate and racism. In 1992, I dealt with hate and racism. In 1996, I dealt with hate and racism. In 2000, I dealt with hate and racism. In 2004, I dealt with hate and racism. In 2010, I dealt with hate and racism. In 2016, I am STILL dealing with hate and racism. … Read More As an American, I am disappointed.

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