Promises, promises

Many times when the new year rings in we tend to make resolutions and promises of change that never come about. Well… I for one did make a promise to myself to make a change AND I kept it! I changed my website to make it more mobile friendly and I changed three of my book covers. Makeover Madness was happening in my home with the Jein’s Journey Series. Many hours of graphic searches. Many messages of the sort “what about this?” went out to friends and hubs. Only a handful of people really knew I was making these changes so it was easy to keep it hush hush. 🙂 But anytime you remake your first achievement its a big deal – for me that is The Jein’s Journey Series. It was my first series shared with the world. It was my learning curve. It was my headaches, laughter, and joy. But in the end, it is my pride! So,

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Favorite Photo

Week 2 prompt for #52ancestors is a favorite photo. I thought long and hard about what I thought my favorite family photo was. This was a true inner struggle.  I first considered photos of my grandparents (either side), (below is Vera and Cecil Dyess together, Vera Dyess ) (I couldn’t locate photos of my maternal grandparents to share in time of this post)           Then considered a photo of my and my mother. (Betty Jean and I) I thought, “what about a pic of me?” (this was when I was about 3, if I remember correctly) “Or a pic of me with my first born?” (Me holding Amanda, she was less than two) Then I realized the one photo I treasured above all was one I first saw as an adult.  A photo of my father playing with me on the floor. I was just a baby but to be able to see this one photo made

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