Time Management

Oh, the how the mornings are getting brisk here in my part of the country! It was a whopping 48 degrees when I woke up! Brrr, I was not built for the cold or at least I don’t think I was! So the thought on my mind today is time management. 🕜 I know its way to early to think about but with the holidays coming up it’s gotta be considered. So next week is Halloween…then only a few weeks later Thanksgiving (If you’re in the US) and then Christmas. Now, unlike most of you I don’t have small children to work around or a job outside the home…but what I do have is two jobs inside the home I do and still have the family to contend with. My two jobs, of course, is writing and crochet – then there are all the kids to plan holidays with, my husband doing an insane amount of traveling between now and

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Did you know that voting has not been an available right to every citizen in the United States always? Well, it has not… Now, Most of you should remember that from basic history class in school but over the years we tend to forget some things. So let me refresh your memories: Visiting the site History of Voting Rights you can see a detailed list – here is my simplified version… 1776: the right to vote begins in America as a legal privilege almost exclusively available to white, property-owning, Protestant men. 1807: Women lose the right to vote in every state in the US for the next 113 years. 1828: Maryland becomes the last state to remove religious restrictions when it passes legislation enfranchising Jews. White men can no longer be denied the right to vote on the basis of their religion. 1848: The Treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo renders the lands now known as Arizona, California, New Mexico, Texas, and Nevada

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As an American, I am disappointed.

As an American, I am disappointed. In 1989, I dealt with hate and racism. In 1992, I dealt with hate and racism. In 1996, I dealt with hate and racism. In 2000, I dealt with hate and racism. In 2004, I dealt with hate and racism. In 2010, I dealt with hate and racism. In 2016, I am STILL dealing with hate and racism. People, it is NOT getting better. We, as a nation, must mature. We as a nation must accept differences. OR We as a nation will fail. I am not coming to you as a White American or a Female American, or a Christian American… just an American. In my news feeds, I see overwhelming hate and despair. I see killings of innocent men, woman and children. I see racism getting worse and not better. I see slander beyond what should ever be acceptable. I see people hating others for their religious or spiritual beliefs. So yesterday on Facebook

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What would you teach?

*writing prompt* If you were to teach as a career, what would you teach? Oh this is a loaded question… I have actually been considering this one question for some time now! While, I do have teachers in the family I am just not sure what I could teach or if I could teach. You see… I am quick tempered and have little patience for… well, lots! With that said, if I were to be serious about choosing teaching as a career I think I would want to teach Business or Life Skills. I think these are the areas where I could excel or at least master. Both of these subjects are so important for our youth…but then you have to say what ages? Oy! The complications with this one. I know for a fact I could NOT teach any one under the age of 12! I think maybe High School or Junior High… I just don’t know if I

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Letting go

I believe as humans its in our nature to hold on to as much as we can. We hoard things, emotions, and people into our little worlds to fulfill us. When we have to let there is a plethora of emotions and many are just selfish. I talk about this because yesterday I watched my youngest child take an oath to serve our country as an Army soldier. Before this I had been preparing as much as I could to grasp that my little baby was leaving home, leaving the nest. In preparation, I made a mental list of all the great moments we shared and how I had helped to mold this sweet loving baby into a passionate young man. I made a mental note on how this is a wonderful step and I am NOT loosing my baby but gaining a proud young man. Parenting is like a recipe for cake, you have to make sure you measure

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I wish…

I wish I had paid more attention to things in my history & science class. Why? You ask. Well, now as a writer those very neat and cool things you did in Chem class or Physics can easily be blended into a story. As for history, well some of it would help with the work-in-progress I have had to research hours and hours for each chapter. UGH. While I think the story will be amazing…it is the one piece I’ve had to work the most on. While I write fiction and that means pretty much the worlds I create work the way I want them to, it would be nice every now and again to not need to research so much of the science.  I wish I had paid more attention to my children when they were younger… Not because I feel I failed at doing so, but to give me more memories of them as they are all adults

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18 years…

On this day eighteen years ago, I was blessed with my second son and last child. Our life has been full of adventures and I’ve proudly watched him grow into the young man he is today. I am proud to know I had a piece of making such a good person who will go into this world and make differences in others. Mason is so much like me  – we are very similar! Our personalities collide as we are both strong minded and opinionated individuals. We both want what we want and that is it *Thankfully I’ve grown out of this mostly*. This last year has been so full of great things… he worked and saved to buy his first car ~ he graduated High School ~ he joined the Army (leaves in a couple of weeks). Now, also on this day it means that I am no longer legally responsible for anyone other than myself for the first time

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What’s in your fridge?

Writing prompt I chose for the week is “If I looked in your fridge what would I find?”  ​​Well, obviously I couldn’t begin to fathom what’s in your fridge… So, I’ll share a little funny from mine recently.  A few weeks ago my husband and I decided to eat out for dinner for almost a week, this is such a rare thing for us because I really feel it wasteful. This of course created a lot of space in the fridge, which our kids were not used to. The oldest girl swings by the house, and like all kids coming home they go straight to the fridge to see what the folks have. Her remark upon opening the door, “You guys only have beer and water in the fridge and some cheese!”  ​​Yup, that’s right we were well stocked on a variety of beers and cheeses plus our jug of water. Secretly I felt bad and went to get groceries

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