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The world before you.

When you stand with the world before you what will you do? Will you follow the beaten path of others or make your own way? How will you decide: Gut instinct or the lessons taught to you telling you the direction to turn? You’re all grown up now stepping out on your own. Your only plan is to be on your own, start a … Read More The world before you.


This one word speaks abundantly to me. Why? Well, we all have a choice. A choice we make or don’t make. We choose to cross the road or stand on the edge and watch traffic. I think this word speaks so loudly to me is because no matter whether you have hope, regret, abundance, home or anything else – you have a choice. I … Read More CHOICE

Things I’ve Learned…

Today I share with you a list, compilation, of the things I’ve learned. Now these things are not just what I learned today or yesterday, but over the last 40+ years of my life. Ever think of what your list may be? Here are my top ten things I’ve learned… Appreciate each morsel of food you have, you never know when you will miss … Read More Things I’ve Learned…

Why I write…

Why do you write? This is a question I’ve been asked quite a bit over time. My only answer is because I have to. The words are there and they need to said, written.  Many times the words come to me and fight with me to put pen to paper, or even in todays world finger to screen. Writing for me is very natural … Read More Why I write…

Happy Mother’s Day

 Courtesy  of More Orkut Scraps – GoodLightscraps.comRemember that Mom’s do so much and every now and again they need to be told how much you love and appreciate them, while this day is designated to that and more… remember her everyday. Happy Mother’s Day to all moms out there! 


Front yard garden – SUCCESS!

So it’s been awhile that Johnny and I have wanted more in our front yard, so far this spring we have one container flower bed that sits in front of one window and we wanted another on the other side (of course… who wouldn’t right?). Well we finally bought the flowers and slowly got what we needed- pots, soil, time… This is what we … Read More Front yard garden – SUCCESS!

A vow I gave to no one… but myself.

Every adult looks at another adult and thinks at some point, “Oh they had a good life, just look them.” Well, your wrong. Not every adult had a good life… Not every adult is having a good life. We must learn that the outside appearances of an individual is just a cover up – like a book cover, what is inside is what makes … Read More A vow I gave to no one… but myself.

As a mom…life has taught me-

Growing up we never consider a whole lot about how we are going to out achieve our parents, well not everyone. I always wanted to prove myself and do more than my parents, be more than my parents. With this as my mindset growing up, it overflowed into my adult life and having kids of my own. I wanted, dreamed, and expected all my … Read More As a mom…life has taught me-

A garden in the making…

My husband (Johnny) and I enjoy gardening and eating from it even more, who doesn’t right? Well, over the last four years we have revamped our gardens look many times. I do believe we have now found the fit for us. We now have three 8×4 raised beds and many containers. We plan to make another 8×4 soon. What you see here is only … Read More A garden in the making…

Welcome…to Behind The Pages

I welcome you to the page! Hello, glad to have you over. Come sit, grab a drink and let’s chat a bit. I do hope you find this new blog of mine enjoyable. I plan to share things that are behind the pages of my life. That would be the things that I do and learn and whatever else may pop up. I will … Read More Welcome…to Behind The Pages

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