On this day for #intropoetry we are to write about imperfections… I will share a poem I wrote not so long ago about the way we see our selves and accomplishments. I hope you enjoy it. 08/12/2015 I am a failure! I failed at being the child my mother wanted, she reminded me regularly of the imposition in her life that I was. I failed at protecting myself from abuse of all kinds. I failed at protecting myself from the demons that would haunt me my entire life. I failed at understanding that the life I was in was not the way the world should be. I have failed to be the parent I should have. I failed to read stories to my children before bed.  I failed to cook my children their breakfasts in the mornings. I failed to have all my children graduate from high school.  I failed to have all my children attend college, then get married

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The darkness of the night is brighter than the pain of the soul You close your eyes and see nothing No joy, no happiness, no pleasure Walking lost through the darkness, you can not find your way Seeing nothing, feeling nothing you just exist….. Existing is not living~ To live you must open your eyes and see the world in front of you Take the moment and breathe it in Allow your soul to awaken and become vibrant with all life can give you All you have to do is be willing to accept be willing to try and take that step See the love that flows like a river around you Feel the kindness that floats about like the clouds in the sky Open yourself and live written November 10, 2011 about a journey of pain and learning that you are truly surrounded by those who love you, even when you don’t always see them. A journey of struggling

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