Smile and Inspire!

As you may have seen in a previous post, Azure Fire Publishing (AFP) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit literary publisher that I am proud to sit on the board for as well will be getting a publishing contract through. We are dedicated to inspiring literacy through fantasy and science-fiction writing challenges and publications. But we would love some help covering the financial end of things. In order for us to be successful, we need your help! Typically this is where I’d give a pitch on donating from your wallet, but not today. Today, I am asking that as you shop on Amazon you do it via Amazon’s Smile program. You can shop like you always do and Amazon will donate a portion of the sales to AFP. As simple as that! The donated portions will go toward funding our writing challenges for new and young authors, our mentoring programs, and of course the day to day business expenses. So, if you shop

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Azure Fire Publishing

  On June 12th I announced on my personal blog that I have been given the opportunity for a writing contract with Azure Fire Publishing. (you can see that post here). I would like to tell you a little more about Azure Fire Publishing. First, I’d say they are very unique in the literary industry as they are a nonprofit literary company, yes a true blue 501(c)(3)! They are very focused on the Fantasy and Science-Fiction genres and desire to help create more youth friendly reads. You can read their Mission Statement here!  As a nonprofit, they are accepting donations and currently have a donate button on the website itself as well as a few other locations. Writing challenges with possible publishing contracts will be awarded, several literary events will be sponsored annually, and much more to come. If you would like to learn more about Azure Fire Publishing go here. You can find Azure Fire Publishing in the world at: Twitter

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Great news to share…

Announcement Time! Now that my newsletter has gone out and the news has been shared with those subscribers first – I can share with all of you! I have been offered a writing contract with Azure Fire Publishing! All of my fantasy/sci-fi books will slowly start the transition over to them! What will this mean for my work? Well, I will get more exposure as a published author. The publishing company (not a vanity press) will be working with me and my work. We will be getting a bit of polishing inside, but you will continue to see the same gorgeous covers! What will this mean for readers? My work will be able to reach more individuals in more places while offering a higher quality read. Check out Azure Fire Publishing! They are a Literary 501(c)(3) with very clear goals of what they wish to obtain for the literary world! If you’d like to get this kind of news before the

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A Birthday Gift for you!

While tomorrow, June 11th, may be my birthday, I’d like to give you a little something – a FREE copy of Shadow of the Mind’s Heart.   I consider this one of two major birthdays, you see my father passed away when he was 45… the day after his birthday.  So, this year as I celebrate in my own quiet way, turning 45 is quite a milestone for me filled with many emotions. BUT I wanted to celebrate by giving to others – so I made The Shadow of the Mind’s Heart FREE on Amazon for everyone! Yes, everyone. So whether you have Kindle Unlimited or not you can get it free this weekend! But you have to hurry, its only free for a couple of days! So Happy Birthday to me gifts to you! Happy Reading everyone!  

What they expect

I bet you read that title and was thinking “What in the world is she even saying?”  🙂 It’s okay, that is the exact sort of confusion I wanted to convey?  Ok, who is they and why do they expect anything? Here is a short poem I wrote as a teen to get us started… Everyone loves my hair, Loves my eyes, Loves my lips, Loves my thighs and my hips But why oh Lord can’t I agree As I go on this shopping spree. Clothes here and there As I look, others stare, Am I thin or am I fat Oh my lord can you answer that. I look at this and wish I could wear it Look at my wallet and wish I could bear it. Oh dear lord can I ever have my way Will my weight please me someday? This was written in the mid-’80’s, yes I am that old. But if you really read the

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With today being May 1, I thought I’d ask what summer plans do you have? Or winter, depending on the part of the world you are in! For me, I have two author signings I will be attending this month and then a nice lull until August. I am pretty excited because this Saturday I will be signing with a fellow author in the local library! Later in the month I can be found in the Dallas area. (you can see my author scheduled HERE) I will probably get in some night fishing and of course tons of gardening and crocheting. I can’t say I have any other travel plans so far but I have been looking at some really neat places in Texas to do weekend trips with, we shall see. I’d love to hear your plans though…

Memories Missed

Life gives us each day to make memories that can never be taken away from us. But what about the memories that were missed? Moments that you will never get or be given! A pretty deep subject I know! This is a subject I think about every year on this day. Why? It’s my father’s birthday; tomorrow is the anniversary of his death.  I have so few memories of my father from when I was younger and even fewer in my early adult years. My father died when I was twenty-one. He was virtually a stranger to me. I can vaguely recall seeing him when I was around eight, that was the last time I saw him until his death. I did have the joy of speaking to him a few times on the telephone as a young adult, but those calls were never longer than five or ten minutes. I have one letter from him. That is all I have…

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