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Merric and Otto

Last week, I decided to get a fish tank and a Betta fish. After losing all three of my dogs within eleven months, I felt an empty spot. I was not quite ready to take the leap of another dog so I settled on a fish. I could enjoy them without the great emotional attachment or the financial commitment of the same level.He made himself right at … Read More Merric and Otto

Time Management

Oh, the how the mornings are getting brisk here in my part of the country! It was a whopping 48 degrees when I woke up! Brrr, I was not built for the cold or at least I don’t think I was! So the thought on my mind today is time management. 🕜 I know its way to early to think about but with the … Read More Time Management


Home is what and where?

People always talk about home… So what is home? Is it where you live? Where your loved ones are?  A place you lived or grew up? For me its a mix of it all. When asked where I’m from, I reply “Southeast Georgia.” It’s as simple as that… but wait, is it? I was born in Florida, so that should be home right? Nope! … Read More Home is what and where?

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