When are we done?

A while back I heard a conversation where one parent told another they didn’t need to give their child advice anymore because that child was now an adult. I thought about this for quite sometime and mulled it over and over in my head. Here are my thoughts: The only time we are done doing anything for our children is (1) they no longer acknowledge you as a parent or have cut all ties, (2) legally, when they turn 18 in the US they are a legal adult and then we can’t do anything in the form of being responsible for them, (3) they are dead. Blunt, I know but this is how I feel. As a parent, I am to be there for my children with advice until the day they depart this world or I do. If I sit back and be silent then I am not doing my duty as a mom. If I see my child

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When life’s door is closed

This is an undated piece I wrote in the mid ’80’s (wow I just showed my age for real)! But it was real, it happened, and I have to share it. I was a teenager when suicide became all too real to my world. After that, I never backed down when I saw someone needed to be helped! NEVER! When life’s door is closed And the gray clouds turn black You point to your head and say goodbye Is this the way to go? Tomorrow could’ve been full of sunshine and love But you’ll never know You left before your time And there is no second chance You have left and can never return Goodbye, My friend *published in The Shadow of the Mind’s Heart by Cheryllynn Dyess.   Whenever we lose a friend, colleague or family member to suicide we always say, “what if”… What if I had called or texted them more? What if I had taken the

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A vow I gave to no one… but myself.

Every adult looks at another adult and thinks at some point, “Oh they had a good life, just look them.” Well, your wrong. Not every adult had a good life… Not every adult is having a good life. We must learn that the outside appearances of an individual is just a cover up – like a book cover, what is inside is what makes the book not the shell. I grew up in a broken home as many have, but most of my friends all grew up with their parents – both mother and father. Not me, I had my mom and her “husband” at the times. I remember all but one of her husbands… my father. Looking back now, I am 43, I can see what an impact that made on me. I was just as broken as my home and yet I survived. I endured many abuses over my life and the vow I gave to no one

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