Free Books! What says you?!

Who Doesn’t Like Free Books?! So, the authors all got together and put together a special treat for you! Free books! That’s right, just follow the link below to get your hands on some of the best free Fantasy and SciFi the group has to offer!…/928c9b0e-e52f-11e9-84d4-f3a8f0… Also included in this giveaway is a free copy of FSFRL Halloween Flash Fiction! This is the first Episode of a series of Flash Fiction books we plan to put out as a thank you for following us! You can grab a copy of that here:…/b69d69ce-e93a-11e9-949f-9b3659… *All books are offered free in exchange for subscribing to the author’s newsletter, so give each author a try! What perfect way to find your next favorite author than by getting a free book?*

A Birthday Gift for you!

While tomorrow, June 11th, may be my birthday, I’d like to give you a little something – a FREE copy of Shadow of the Mind’s Heart.   I consider this one of two major birthdays, you see my father passed away when he was 45… the day after his birthday.  So, this year as I celebrate in my own quiet way, turning 45 is quite a milestone for me filled with many emotions. BUT I wanted to celebrate by giving to others – so I made The Shadow of the Mind’s Heart FREE on Amazon for everyone! Yes, everyone. So whether you have Kindle Unlimited or not you can get it free this weekend! But you have to hurry, its only free for a couple of days! So Happy Birthday to me gifts to you! Happy Reading everyone!