Come, meet me and so many others!

I created this blog so readers and friends in and around the world could get to know more about me – the woman behind the pages of the books I write. So far this is the event list I have set up for 2017 and 2018.  I have 5 exciting events set up for 2017 and already one confirmed for 2018… Can you come and see me at any? I’d love to meet you~Cheryllynn Dyess   May   Free to all who come to the library in Copperas Cove.       Tickets                Facebook August   Website        Tickets September   Website                          Tickets go on sale March 1st.                                                Facebook    Facebook     Tickets 2018

A trip for the record books

Last week my family began a little adventure…well three of us did anyway! We were going to travel across country to watch the youngest graduate from AIT from the ARMY. Our adventures began at 12:05 am…in the midst of the darkest hours we set out to overtake the roadways from Central Texas to Central West Georgia. With few stops in between and very little traffic to really aggravate us we arrived at our destination in 14.5 hours. No animals were harmed in this or any portion of our adventure although the brief death of the cellular signal did occur. One one stop an ultimate find occurred! Nehi Peach! This elusive soda is not found in Central Texas nor many other places so when its appearance was noted it became captured and consumed… just after posting a teasing photo on social media, which led to the need of recapturing more to bring and deliver to others. I obliged of course! Once we

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A piece of art – a piece of my heart. 

In 2004, my paternal grandmother was laid to rest. One of her many talents was working with beads. This piece was handed down to me – it had parts that were broken, although the repairs would be minor they took me 13 years to complete. Why? You might ask…because until now I couldn’t bear to look at it without my heart breaking. Vera Dyess was the most amazing woman to me- Her smile would light up a room and her voice was as sweet as anything on earth. Her letters were always kind and full of love and then she was gone. Today, I opened the wrapped piece and made the repairs to the best of my ability. Today and from this day forward on, I will display a piece of her art as a reminder that talent is to never be hidden and neither is love.

Holiday goodness in a book sale!

Hi all, the FSFNet (Fantasy and Sci-Fi Network) sale is on this weekend, so please pop in and grab some prizes from the competitions. I will be there on Sunday, 5-6pm New York EST Saturday night, and there are free books and an Amazon voucher up for grabs during the hour I host with the lovable Kasper Beaumont! Other authors that will be present, here is a full list and when they will be there: Here is a list of the authors hosting the sale. Note this is New York time. Please come and chat with them: Dec 17th 11am-12MD Greg Spry Dec 17th 12-1pm James McAllister Dec 17th 1-2pm Nicholas Rossis Dec 17th 2-3pm Robin Lythgoe and Debbie Brown Dec 17th 3-4pm Dianne Astle and Will Macmillan Jones Dec 17th 5-6pm J.d. Hallowell Dec 17th 5-6pm Kasper Beaumont with special guest author Cheryllynn Dyess Dec 17th 7-8pm A.R. Silverberry Dec 17th 9-10pm Leeland Artra ** ** ** Dec 18th 12-1pm E.A. Hennessy Dec

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Time Management

Oh, the how the mornings are getting brisk here in my part of the country! It was a whopping 48 degrees when I woke up! Brrr, I was not built for the cold or at least I don’t think I was! So the thought on my mind today is time management. 🕜 I know its way to early to think about but with the holidays coming up it’s gotta be considered. So next week is Halloween…then only a few weeks later Thanksgiving (If you’re in the US) and then Christmas. Now, unlike most of you I don’t have small children to work around or a job outside the home…but what I do have is two jobs inside the home I do and still have the family to contend with. My two jobs, of course, is writing and crochet – then there are all the kids to plan holidays with, my husband doing an insane amount of traveling between now and

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As an American, I am disappointed.

As an American, I am disappointed. In 1989, I dealt with hate and racism. In 1992, I dealt with hate and racism. In 1996, I dealt with hate and racism. In 2000, I dealt with hate and racism. In 2004, I dealt with hate and racism. In 2010, I dealt with hate and racism. In 2016, I am STILL dealing with hate and racism. People, it is NOT getting better. We, as a nation, must mature. We as a nation must accept differences. OR We as a nation will fail. I am not coming to you as a White American or a Female American, or a Christian American… just an American. In my news feeds, I see overwhelming hate and despair. I see killings of innocent men, woman and children. I see racism getting worse and not better. I see slander beyond what should ever be acceptable. I see people hating others for their religious or spiritual beliefs. So yesterday on Facebook

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Letting go

I believe as humans its in our nature to hold on to as much as we can. We hoard things, emotions, and people into our little worlds to fulfill us. When we have to let there is a plethora of emotions and many are just selfish. I talk about this because yesterday I watched my youngest child take an oath to serve our country as an Army soldier. Before this I had been preparing as much as I could to grasp that my little baby was leaving home, leaving the nest. In preparation, I made a mental list of all the great moments we shared and how I had helped to mold this sweet loving baby into a passionate young man. I made a mental note on how this is a wonderful step and I am NOT loosing my baby but gaining a proud young man. Parenting is like a recipe for cake, you have to make sure you measure

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