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A trip for the record books

Last week my family began a little adventure…well three of us did anyway! We were going to travel across country to watch the youngest graduate from AIT from the ARMY. Our adventures began at 12:05 am…in the midst of the darkest hours we set out to overtake the roadways from Central Texas to Central West Georgia. With few stops in between and very little … Read More A trip for the record books


Morning Coffee with Freya Barker

  Today I have the wonderful Freya Barker with me! Good morning and welcome… come and sit, we will get the fire going and curl up with a hot cup of coffee, What’ll you have Freya? Hi there! Thanks for having me. I’ll take just a plain coffee with a little creamer, a little sugar… No muss, no fuss. Kinda like me. Oh like … Read More Morning Coffee with Freya Barker


Emptier than its ever been…

Only 9 days in and already 2017 has been full of emotion and well, emotion. Of course I rang in New Year peacefully at home with my husband and our dog, Maximus. So that was very normal, its what came the next week that truly amazed and destroyed me all at once. January 2nd… Calastan, my first novella, hit the top 100 in 5 … Read More Emptier than its ever been…


Do you ever just start to clean up an area and then somehow hours later you have rearranged or reorganized the entire room or filing system? Oh, I sure hope so…cause then I wouldn’t be so alone in the struggle. It would seem that when when I start to “clean up” I get so distracted by the need to organize that I get lost. … Read More Organization


Morning Coffee With Rachel McCoy

Happy New Year and welcome to Behind the Pages first Morning Coffee with a guest!  Today, I have with me the wonderful Rachel McCoy. I have known Rachel for a little while, we met in the giant book world! I absolutely fell in love with her writing and of course, she is a natural charmer!  Welcome Rachel and good morning! Come sit by the … Read More Morning Coffee With Rachel McCoy

Holiday goodness in a book sale!

Hi all, the FSFNet (Fantasy and Sci-Fi Network) sale is on this weekend, so please pop in and grab some prizes from the competitions. I will be there on Sunday, 5-6pm New York EST Saturday night, and there are free books and an Amazon voucher up for grabs during the hour I host with the lovable Kasper Beaumont! Other authors that will be present, here … Read More Holiday goodness in a book sale!

2017 Calendar Request

I am looking for any and all suggestions to fill my blog for 2017. What topics would you like to me write about? I’d love to fill my entire calendar for the year . My goals are to have at least one post a week. Not too bad, 52 topics. If they are big topics I can easily break them down into some smaller … Read More 2017 Calendar Request

What’s in your fridge?

Writing prompt I chose for the week is “If I looked in your fridge what would I find?”  ​​Well, obviously I couldn’t begin to fathom what’s in your fridge… So, I’ll share a little funny from mine recently.  A few weeks ago my husband and I decided to eat out for dinner for almost a week, this is such a rare thing for us … Read More What’s in your fridge?

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