Turning 46

I’ve not been big on celebrating my birthday in quite some time, so this year was no different. My husband is on the road for work and the house has been quieter, not that he necessarily is noisy 😉 Anyhow, as time creeps up on us as it does me I had a lot of things on my mind this birthday (June 11). I didn’t really want any gifts or celebrations, just a quiet day like most others in my life to relax and enjoy myself in my little space. I got that and am very grateful. I did have a few surprise gifts and to say the least am blessed. (I’ll share photos below) My father passed away at the age of 43 the day after his birthday; my mother when she was 48 and just eight days after her birthday. I think it was when he passed that I no longer wanted to count the years. After my

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Coastal Crafting Cousins

So, how is everyone doing? Me… well, I’ve been quite busy to be honest. After the book signing and spending time with family it was decided upon that my cousin, Tina, and I shall indeed start a crafting store where will sell the lovely items we make. And so the work begins. We have begun to create an item inventory list, set up ideas for the holidays, and this weekend the yarn shopping begins! Oh yes, yarn shopping! For any crafters they know the joy of buying the supplies they need. So for me… I get to go to Michael’s and shop, shop, shop! I’ve already stalked, eh hem…scoped out their website for the sale and clearance items. 🙂 But let me first show you a project I’ve already completed and one I’ve started on … Here are some wash clothes and face scrubbers I made with 100% cotton yarn. (Same yarn from my bag I shared recently.) I did

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