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BOOK REVIEW: Ascenders 11:11 by CL Gaber

Ascenders 11:11 Book Four by CL Gaber   Blurb: n the Midst — a place for those who departed young — there is a fate worse than death. It’s the passing of true love. Tat-covered Daniel Reid’s memory has been erased by his sadistic father. Walker Callaghan must face her destiny alone. Alliances shift in the fourth book of the Ascenders Saga. Only twice … Read More BOOK REVIEW: Ascenders 11:11 by CL Gaber


BOOK REVIEW: Ascenders: Omorrow

On May 8th I finished another installment in the Ascenders Saga from C.L. Gaber, Omorrow.  Here is the book blurb: Expired at seventeen and living in a middle world for those who died young, Walker Callaghan and her rebellious love, Daniel Reid, have been tasked with an insurmountable mission: Find something hidden in the past that will forever change everything for the living and … Read More BOOK REVIEW: Ascenders: Omorrow


BOOK REVIEW: Ascenders Skypunch (Book Two), C.L. Gaber

Book Blurb: In the Midst—a place for those who die young—there are no rules except one. And Walker Callaghan, dead at seventeen, just broke it. She briefly revisited her earthly life . . . and the punishment is devastating. Longing for her rebel love interest, Daniel Reid, Walker finds an ally in Cass, whose attraction to her is as alive as he is. “Life is … Read More BOOK REVIEW: Ascenders Skypunch (Book Two), C.L. Gaber

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