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Drop Everything And Read

Each year millions of readers and educators participate in Drop Everything and Read! Not only a celebration of reading but also a celebration of Beverly Cleary’s birthday, the woman who brought us this great event through a book! I wrote a nice little article, you can find it here The Fantasy and Science-Fiction Network members have banned together to give some of our great … Read More Drop Everything And Read

A trip for the record books

Last week my family began a little adventure…well three of us did anyway! We were going to travel across country to watch the youngest graduate from AIT from the ARMY. Our adventures began at 12:05 am…in the midst of the darkest hours we set out to overtake the roadways from Central Texas to Central West Georgia. With few stops in between and very little … Read More A trip for the record books

18 years…

On this day eighteen years ago, I was blessed with my second son and last child. Our life has been full of adventures and I’ve proudly watched him grow into the young man he is today. I am proud to know I had a piece of making such a good person who will go into this world and make differences in others. Mason is … Read More 18 years…


A letter to never be answered.

Mom, I know you have been gone for quite some time now, almost twelve years, but I still have the desire on occasion to pick up the phone and call. Not sure this will ever go away. Your grandchildren are all grown up now. High school is over for all but one, he finishes next week, you have three grandchildren now…I am sorry you … Read More A letter to never be answered.

The world before you.

When you stand with the world before you what will you do? Will you follow the beaten path of others or make your own way? How will you decide: Gut instinct or the lessons taught to you telling you the direction to turn? You’re all grown up now stepping out on your own. Your only plan is to be on your own, start a … Read More The world before you.

As a mom…life has taught me-

Growing up we never consider a whole lot about how we are going to out achieve our parents, well not everyone. I always wanted to prove myself and do more than my parents, be more than my parents. With this as my mindset growing up, it overflowed into my adult life and having kids of my own. I wanted, dreamed, and expected all my … Read More As a mom…life has taught me-

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