Growing up without a father was hard for Shae, she never had that bond or love, but her mother made sure she rarely wanted for anything. Shae isn’t one of the girls, she’s one of the guys, and as their prized pitcher, the Pierce Pirates depend on Shae to help them secure their championship titles. One day while playing against a team that if defeated will lead them to state, Shae thinks she sees something shimmering that she can’t explain. Her mother, Rosalyn, knows precisely what they are and hopes her daughter’s bloodline doesn’t allow Shae to the sprites that live among them. Only a few days later, while in the forest…she does, and her life is forever changed when one spunky little sprite captures her heart and they bond after revealing to her that she was one of the Forgotten.

Will Shae be able to figure out why her bonded called her a Forgotten and what that means?

Can Rosalyn keep the secret of Shae’s father or will this new bond reveal it all and turn their world upside down?

Shae’s life will never be the same, will she understand her mother’s choices or hold them against her?

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