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Acknowledge, Accept and Understand.

I love the color purple. I find intimate beauty in all its shades. I do not hate lilac because I prefer lavender. I accept that someone else may like yellow, when I do not. This is okay. I don’t tend to blend my shades of colors but others do, this too is okay. I will not hate or tear down another because they like … Read More Acknowledge, Accept and Understand.


Soul Therapy…water

What you consider your peace or sacred place may be very different than that others see… So what is my soul therapy, my place of utter peace – The Emerald Coast, the beach… the water!  The white sands and emerald waters with the salty air is my place of peace. This past weekend I was able to visit the place I have missed for … Read More Soul Therapy…water

When everyday tasks become to be a chore

Originally posted on Lifestyle Blog: living with fear & anxiety:
Until recently, I felt like I was the only one who went through these periods of my life where everything and anything that needed to be done felt like a chore. I never wanted to do anything. I didn’t feel like getting up, brushing my teeth, doing my hair, choosing an outfit, going to…

Prime Day – Free trial 30 days

  I don’t know many people who haven’t shopped Amazon before… last year I became a Prime member and it was the best decision ever! When you shop Prime there are many benefits, here are just a few I love:   FREE Two-Day Shipping on eligible items to addresses in the contiguous U.S. and other shipping benefits.  Okay, I admit it – whenever I shop … Read More Prime Day – Free trial 30 days


Home is what and where?

People always talk about home… So what is home? Is it where you live? Where your loved ones are?  A place you lived or grew up? For me its a mix of it all. When asked where I’m from, I reply “Southeast Georgia.” It’s as simple as that… but wait, is it? I was born in Florida, so that should be home right? Nope! … Read More Home is what and where?

It’s a bean day…

This morning I was up bright and early and decided it was time to pick more beans/peas! So I did. The raised bed with the beans/peas in them is over run – the support poles are leaning and plants continue to grow. NOT a complaint mind you! So, I gathered my bowl and with my trusty companions I went forth! Here is what I … Read More It’s a bean day…

Never crumble…

No matter has happened or happening never let yourself crumble into dust. For if you do then you have no chance to rebuild. It will be over.  This is why we as individuals, communities, and civilizations can always come back from defeat…we are not gone. And those that were made into dust are.  ​​ The sun rises every morning, even if the clouds try … Read More Never crumble…

BOOK REVIEW: Blossom & The Beast by Author RS McCoy

One of the great perks of being an author is meeting other authors. In that exchange, it so happens that requests to review each other’s work happens… this is the latest gem I had the pleasure of reading. Below I share the book description, an excerpt, and then my review. I am eagerly awaiting book 2 if that tells you how good it is. … Read More BOOK REVIEW: Blossom & The Beast by Author RS McCoy

Why I write…

Why do you write? This is a question I’ve been asked quite a bit over time. My only answer is because I have to. The words are there and they need to said, written.  Many times the words come to me and fight with me to put pen to paper, or even in todays world finger to screen. Writing for me is very natural … Read More Why I write…


Front yard garden – SUCCESS!

So it’s been awhile that Johnny and I have wanted more in our front yard, so far this spring we have one container flower bed that sits in front of one window and we wanted another on the other side (of course… who wouldn’t right?). Well we finally bought the flowers and slowly got what we needed- pots, soil, time… This is what we … Read More Front yard garden – SUCCESS!

A vow I gave to no one… but myself.

Every adult looks at another adult and thinks at some point, “Oh they had a good life, just look them.” Well, your wrong. Not every adult had a good life… Not every adult is having a good life. We must learn that the outside appearances of an individual is just a cover up – like a book cover, what is inside is what makes … Read More A vow I gave to no one… but myself.

As a mom…life has taught me-

Growing up we never consider a whole lot about how we are going to out achieve our parents, well not everyone. I always wanted to prove myself and do more than my parents, be more than my parents. With this as my mindset growing up, it overflowed into my adult life and having kids of my own. I wanted, dreamed, and expected all my … Read More As a mom…life has taught me-

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