New Release: Atlantic Island Universe Anthology

Atlantic Island Universe Anthology These short stories build on Fredric Shernoff’s Atlantic Island Trilogy (re-releasing now) but introduce new characters and elements. Each story sets the stage for full-length novels releasing in 2020. The Atlantic Island Universe includes time travel, friendships, secrets, romance, betrayals, and even a rescued puppy named Maya. Now is the TIME to join this sci-fi fantasy adventure! Mosaics: Shattered by Dawn Dagger A high school student in the near future has his difficult life turned upside down when a young woman appears out of nowhere and asks him to help save the world. Odyssey: The Fated Ones by AJ Kurtz A woman recovering from a breakup with her girlfriend begins to travel in her dreams. She attracts the attention of the MMEA, and learns there might be more to the breakup than she realized. Manifest Destiny by LaLa Leo A secret research base below Atlantic Island holds survivors of the Event. Trapped for months in their

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EOYR: Favoritism

EOYR= End of Year Rant Favoritism… is something that should be shown for things like foods, colors, vehicles, cities…NOT children or family! All my years, I’ve seen people show favoritism between family members and even their own kids. Hell, my own mother showed favoritism for my younger brother creating an environment of insecurity and uncertainty. I left home at 17 and even though that was more than 30 years ago…that level of insecurity of not being enough sits on my shoulder as a demon speaking words of doubt into my ears. This was the first cycle I swore to break with my own kids. When asked who my favorite is… I answer Nyx (my dog) because I will NEVER pick a favorite nor show favoritism. Each child was treated differently according to what they needed but not once was one given more than another. As a mom of 3 with 4 bonus children… I do the same today as I

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EYOR: Violence

EOYR= End of Year Rant This week alone there has been two shootings on military bases in the US. I can’t even find the stats to find other gun events currently but its become all to common to read, hear about, and endure! Listen…this is NOT about politics, religion, or culture. This is about a society who needs access to more mental health care and no stigma to go with it! Do we need smarter laws about firearms, of course…I will never not say we don’t but I won’t say that taking away firearms is the answer. I say people need to be educated about the signs and warnings of distress calls. People need to speak up and not be afraid! How many children, women, men, ANY AGE… have to die or endure such tragedies before we as a people stand up and say – ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! Don’t bring religion into this either… If you follow the news many

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EOYR: Friendships

EOYR= End of Year Rant I don’t get bogged don with resolutions so this year I thought I’d speak freely on a few things that I’ve seen going on this last year! Friendships seem to be on the radar for those wanting to cut others out of their lives. Friendship is defined as: the emotions or conduct of friends; the state of being friends. AND a friend is defined as: a person whom one knows and with whom one has a bond of mutual affection, typically exclusive of sexual or family relations. So, here’s the thing… not all friends can do for you the way you did for them AND that is okay. A friend is not about doing equal amounts for each other…if that were the case, I’d have none. I have friends who I could never equate myself too and even more who could never equate themselves to me. BUT that is just it…nowhere in that definition did

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EOYR: Relationships

EOYR=End Of Year Rant When making your claims of what will and won’t happen in the new year remember to look back at both the good and bad. Remember that others are going through things you will never know and it may have affected them more than they ever reveal. If someone distanced themselves from you…maybe try to find out why before terminating a relationship with them. Their demons may have been greater than your own. Make sure that you weren’t expecting more from them than they could give at that moment. Maybe… you closed yourself off and didn’t listen to the silent cries that were going on… What I’m trying to say is that not everyone can give you the relationship you need at that moment because they are battling something in their lives that prevents that.