What is in a name?

A name is given to everything. Trees, Insects, Things, People. Literally everything. We name our children, pets, and even our automobiles. So when the prompt for week 6 in #52Ancestors came up as Favorite Name, I was stuck. Over the last few days, I have diligently to update my ancestry records online from documents I received after my mother’s death in 2004. I have seen so many names. So many names that repeated generation after generation. I even thought at one point was there no other names available to them. But then it made sense, they were passing down the names. Alexander, Hugh, Malcolm, and Duncan. These were names that were documented as far back as 1476, so for my favorite name I choose Duncan. Duncan VI MacGregor was born in Scotland and died February 17, 1476/77 in Scotland. He married a woman with the last name Keppoch in Scotland and had three children, Duncan Dubh, James Dubh, and Gregor Dubh.

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Favorite Photo

Week 2 prompt for #52ancestors is a favorite photo. I thought long and hard about what I thought my favorite family photo was. This was a true inner struggle.  I first considered photos of my grandparents (either side), (below is Vera and Cecil Dyess together, Vera Dyess ) (I couldn’t locate photos of my maternal grandparents to share in time of this post)           Then considered a photo of my and my mother. (Betty Jean and I) I thought, “what about a pic of me?” (this was when I was about 3, if I remember correctly) “Or a pic of me with my first born?” (Me holding Amanda, she was less than two) Then I realized the one photo I treasured above all was one I first saw as an adult.  A photo of my father playing with me on the floor. I was just a baby but to be able to see this one photo made

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Genealogy and Words

Over the last few years, I have slowly begun to dive into the genealogy of my family. Years ago, my mother worked an endless number of hours gathering data, researching documents, and joining organizations to learn more about our history. Not just hers or mine but that of our family! I’m blessed to have all her research even if much of it is only one branch of the family. I am also blessed to have my paternal side’s research accessible as well. I have been working for the last few months updating my information on Ancestry.com and connecting with others to gather even more information. One conversation led me to the #52Ancestors which is a weekly writing prompt on my genealogy called 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks by Amy Johnson Crow. I plan to participate and have scheduled this posting to happen every Thursday. Week One is a simple start. So this is my introduction and start. My paternal family

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Box fun!

Ever see the reviews for products where people say they got the product just to give a review on their social media? I have and I joined them a while back. Influenster allows you to get product samples/coupons to try products in exchange for honest reviews. They award “badges” and points when you upload reviews to websites like Walmart and Influenster or share on your social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more! Now mind you, the stuff they send is free and all you do is review the products. Here is the latest box I got: Inside I received approximately $10 in coupons, 2 single-use Gain Botanicals, Shea Body Butter, Vera Wang sample of Embrace-Green Tea and Pear Blossom, and Eva Nye Mane Magic. Participating in challenges and getting these Vox Boxes are fun. If you follow me on Instagram Twitter or Facebook, you know I have shared these before. If you’d like to get in on it head on over

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Even a year later I miss her

While the title of this post gives you a clue about what this will be about – grief, loss, and love, it doesn’t tell you about the soul I miss. Rhea. Yes, my chihuahua. Its been a year since I had to let her go and be in peace but I still miss her daily. There is not a day I don’t find myself with her in thought even in the slightest way. She was with me right around eight years and she was my shadow and snuggle bug. She had a unique soul, very particular and just lovable… but she had a temper and would put her brothers in their place. Since her passing we have lost her brother Maximus as well… but we gained a new brother Merric (my betta fish) and a sister, Nyx. People always said after having an animal for so long and you add new ones to the family they are never replaced. This

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