Kicker, The Forgotten Front by R Grey Hoover

In honor of Veterans Day, Hoover is making his book free via Amazon from November 9-11, 2018. Never forget!
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World War II is raging. A young father must choose between his family and duty to his country- a decision that could cost him everything.

Based on actual experiences of United States veterans and official military aviation history records from World War II, this is the thrilling story of a family’s journey into war. While his loved ones struggle with shortages and rationing at home, Sam endures relentless Japanese attacks against his unarmed aircraft over the treacherous mountains and torrid jungles of Asia. His job is to drop supplies to Merrill’s Marauders and over 750,000 allied soldiers fighting in the perilous jungles of Burma. If the enemy is not stopped, the American way of life will end.

If you like non-stop action with a touch of humor and romance and the chance to learn about the “forgotten front” of WWII, then this is the book for you.


April 4, 1944- Dinjan Airbase, India


       Sam and Bobby Joe were totally exhausted when they crawled into their charpoys. The harrowing events of the day had taken its toll on them physically and mentally. In spite of the heat and noise of the jungle, Sam felt the blessed relief of sleep approaching soon after his head hit the pillow. However, as he drifted off, a feeling of unease came over him. It was a feeling that something was wrong, not here in India, but at home. He didn’t know if he felt uneasy because he still hadn’t received mail from home or because of some unknown reason, but the feeling stayed with him until he finally succumbed to his exhaustion and slipped into a deep sleep.


Thankfully, his slumber was not disturbed by his recurring nightmare, and he slept soundly until the wee hours of the morning when he suddenly awoke not knowing what had disturbed him. A light rain was falling outside, and except for an occasional flash of distant lightning, the basha was in total darkness. He lay very still, listening to the sounds around him. He strained his hearing, but no sound came except for the steady breathing of the sleeping men around him. After several minutes, he relaxed, thinking his imagination was playing tricks on him. He was almost asleep again when he thought he detected a faint unfamiliar sound coming from somewhere in the basha. Once again, he listened intently, not sure he had heard anything; but then he heard the sound again—only this time it seemed closer, and he was sure it came from within the basha. He couldn’t quite place the sound, but it seemed like something soft brushing against an object. He listened closely, but all was silent. None of the other men in the basha stirred, and after an extended period of silence, he relaxed once again in anticipation of sleep.


He was in that dreamy state just before slumber when he felt the presence of something or someone nearby. Once again, his senses came to full alert, and he made a conscious effort not to move. He listened carefully, bringing all his senses to bear. He could see or hear nothing, and yet he was sure something was there. He was startled when someone at the other end of the room moved, but then all was silent once again. He was lying on his back, so he slowly moved his head to the right and scanned the darkness.


At first he saw nothing, but then attention was drawn to a slight movement at the foot of his bed. He couldn’t make out what it was. It appeared to be an undistinguishable shadow against the darker background of the room. As he watched, the shadow moved, and he held his breath as it silently glided along the side of his bed. There was no sound as it moved, and it slowly drew nearer and stopped near the head of his bed. He could tell that it was something large, but due to the extreme darkness, he was unable to see what it was. His instincts told him this was something dangerous and evil, and the hairs on the nape of his neck stood erect. At that moment, a distant flash of lightning faintly illuminated the scene, and in that instant of light, Sam could see the large form of a tiger standing beside him.


The animal’s head was enormous. Its eyes, momentarily reflecting light from the faraway lightning, gave the beast an evil, devil-like appearance. This was death incarnate staring directly at him.


Sam was frozen with fear, and his heart seemed to stop. His .45-caliber pistol hung on the wall not three feet away, and he cursed himself for not keeping it inside the mosquito netting with him. He knew the tiger could see that he was awake, and he feared any movement would cause it to attack. The animal stepped closer, and Sam could see its dim outline and smell its damp fur and the fetid odor of its breath. The tiger appeared to know its victim was helpless. The great beast took its time as it sniffed the mosquito netting as if testing its strength. Slowly it raised a huge paw and placed it against the puny impediment. The tiger’s claws caught in the netting, and with a mighty swipe, it ripped the flimsy material away from the bed.


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Expect the Unexpected

Over the last twenty years, I’ve battled with “female” issues and finally on the 29th of October I was able to start the final process of resolving those issues.

While a hysterectomy for me was considered elective… I truly feel it was my only opinion. I didn’t want to spend the rest of my life on medication if a procedure could take care of the problem… not like I’m having kids anyway anymore. I told the doctor it was ridiculous for me to continue dealing with problems with bits I didn’t use or need 🙂

The doctor and I spoke at great lengths about my options and any concerns regarding a hysterectomy, as well my medical history.

Previously I’ve had two c-sections and the biggest concern was scarring. I told the doctor of my mother’s history with excessive scarring and the doctor was confident that wouldn’t be a problem. I should only have a few small incisions and be good. Nope, not the case…I had extensive scarring and that meant after those small incisions she had to open me back up along the bikini cuts I’ve previously had. So I now have a lovely 7 inch incision to go with those four 1.5 inch ones… my tummy looks like a one eyed winky face (my bestie gave that description and oh, how accurate it is!)

This also meant the surgery went from 1.5 hours to 5 hours and due to safety concerns that only a partial procedure was completed, but I’m okay with that.

The point of this post is to remind ourselves to prepare for the unexpected. I’m grateful my husbands job was able to give him the option to be home to take care of me for the first two weeks… this has been a God send! If not for my husband and the son who lives with us, I’d be in a world of hurt. Literally.

They have been taking amazing care of me. My heart has been overjoyed by their support of the unexpected and neither has complained one bit.

His job sent me a floral arrangement and even called to check on me – this was UNEXPECTED in a huge way.

Two of my kids (not living with me) has called on a regular basis to make sure I’m okay, the others have sent a couple of random text messages. I have two very good friends who have checked on me regularly. These little things really make a difference in letting a person know you care and they are never forgotten.

Taking it step-by-step and day-by-day, this recovery is coming along nicely – In my opinion. I am up walking better each day, able to dress myself more and more with less and less help (although socks are still a battle for me). I’m starting to eat regularly again although I still get exhausted easily.

The biggest lesson I’ve learned is that you should expect the unexpected – the negative and positive. We can learn from each part of it. I’m so grateful for all the love I’ve been shown so far during this recovery process.

(the floral arrangement Hubs’s job sent!)

A Moment of Darkness

This week I sent my end book through to be published. I then shared the new cover on Facebook…and thought I should share here as well!

A Moment of Darkness is Book three of The Chronicles of Elizabeth Fairbairn.

The blurb is:

Elizabeth fought with her father to save the coven with The Veil’s help and succeeded. She secured the peace her coven desired but failed to find her own.

Wesley and his family disappeared before the battle and left her feeling abandoned, broken. Her soul rages with emotions and magic she still hasn’t mastered. Living in a world she barely understands, the one person who is there for her is the one she should stay away from.

Will the lure of the darkness be overcome or will she give in?

What do you think? I’d love your opinions! It’ll be available on Amazon soon.


Literary Love Savannah 2019

The coordinator of Literary Love Savannah (LLS) is always coming up with ideas to spoil the readers and get them in front of the authors! Spending time with the readers is so valuable because really without them… there are no sales, there is no career. I treasure each one I’ve met and truly hope to continue building relationships with them over time.

This month LLS has a really cool thing for registered readers happening!

Every reader registered by October 30th will be entered to win what we are calling EXPERIENCES… and there’s TONS of authors offering stuff up.

Now EVERYONE that’s registered from DAY ONE(the first-day registration opened) to Oct 30th will be entered to win… and it’s Looking like a TON of experiences will be out there for the taking.

On Nov. 2nd we will be doing a LIVE video feed at 8pm est where we will be asking readers to tune in, and we will be drawing names and when the name is drawn, they will get their choice of the available experiences (full list will be available in group Nov. 1st!)


So… get your registration in… and let’s get ready to party! Tickets




Writing goals

Last year, not much was written in way of my books so this year… I aimed for change. I had last published in January 2017 until just recently and that was a huge gap. I had an unfinished series, many unfinished works, and just no drive to get any of it done. I dealt with a lot of stress and distractions!


Early on in the year, I had vowed to myself to get at least one book out this year no matter which one it was, but the inspiration hit me and I’ve more than obtained any goal I thought I had. I’ve put restrictions on the distractions and released a lot of the stressful things going on (this helped a ton!).

Originally I wanted to write more words weekly and get the one book out – I’m proud to say that “so far” this year I have surpassed that! I have finished one book and published it, finished writing book three in my witches series- its currently in the edits stage and writing the fourth book. I have also finished several anthology stories and short stories that should be making their appearances next year.

In a group I am a member of we have quarterly writing challenges, so far this year I have logged more than 95k words, and I still have three months to go! I would like to get at least another 45k words written this year.

With the holiday season coming up, I’m hoping I can still achieve that goal. I have two trips in October happening and then, of course, Thanksgiving and Christmas right behind that.  The holidays always take up that precious writing time that we, authors, treasure. I’m trying to organize myself now to stay on top of things and always have my work easily accessible. Converting all my notes and files over to digital surely will put in a better position to do so.

So, with glass in hand, I give a toast to the next three months of writing and reaching goals!Red Wine glass and Bottle


To read or not to read

Okay, that may be a little corny, but its a question many authors think about. Do readers still read print copies or are they going to eprint more? Who reads (ages, demographics, etc…)?  As an author, I try to stay somewhat informed of the trends of readers.

Do teens read as much as they when I was in school? Do adults read books anymore? Well, the honest answer is yes! Although the world of media has crept up and taken root in our everyday lives (reading this blog post for example) doesn’t mean the print is lost. There has been a trend of returning to print more lately and personally, I love it.

I enjoy reading on my e-reader when traveling or somewhere that space is restricted, but while at home on my sofa reclining back… a book in print is what I grab! What is your preference? I’ve put all my work in both eBooks and print, while some authors only do one or the other. I think if I were to be exclusive I’d have some readers miss out.

Here in, Share of adults who have read a book in any format in the last 12 months in the United States in 2018, by age, the article that shows more young people are reading than older, and surprisingly when I asked my newsletter subscribers to take a poll anonymously about them, more were eighteen and younger. The next largest group was 20-30 y/o, even though I apparently have some elves amongst them 😉 .

The last paragraph in this article may my heart jump for joy:

"Despite the rise of digital platforms and the rising popularity of e-reading devices such as Kindle, Kobo and others, printed books still remain the most popular book format in the U.S., as 65 percent of Americans stated preference for printed books in 2016. E-books were consumed by 28 percent of respondents in 2016, whereas audio books were listened by 14 percent of the respondents. Millennials accounted for the largest share of printed book readers in the U.S. – 72 percent as of 2016."

Another report, Who doesn’t read books in America? BY ANDREW PERRIN, states that about one-quarter of Americans haven’t read a book in whole in the last year. This is sad because I know the love of reading and I want everyone to experience this. I didn’t become a fan of reading for pleasure until I was much older unless it was Poe of course, so I looked to a few friends I grew up with. These girls read everything and drove me nuts. I wanted to be outdoors! They are still rabid readers to this date!

The me of today, however, enjoy reading as much as the outdoors and would wholeheartedly prefer a print book in hand while lounging on the porch enjoying a nice breeze. My hopes are up though as the trends for reading are raising and that makes me hopeful. I’d love to hear your insights and thoughts on this.

Endorsement Anger?

So Nike does an ad with Kaepernick and the country seems to have gone insane. People are burning their Nike products (cause what is more sensible than burning things you spent damn good money on, right) … Well, now this Louisiana mayor has decided to ban Nike products from the city recreation facilities. He put out a memo stating, “Under no circumstances will any Nike product or any product with the Nike logo be purchased for use or delivery at any City of Kenner Recreation facility.”

His own city councilman spoke out against his actions. My take from this is that people are upset Nike used a man who exercised his rights to peaceful protest for a cause that America needs to be made aware of and work on correcting. Um okay – that is not how Americans should be acting. First of all, Kaepernick did nothing illegal or immoral. Second, the cause for which his actions are being used to gain attention for effect every state, county, and city in this country!

I say GREAT job NIKE and thank you Kaepernick for sticking to your cause, a cause that everyone should want resolution for. To this mayor, I say shame on you! Instead of trying to lift up your citizens you are part of the problem this country is trying to fix.

I was just made aware that Ford has also taken on Kaepernick as an endorsement, what’s next – gonna remove all Ford vehicles from the city’s property as well?

Link to article:

COVER REVEAL: Multifaceted

This book has taken me so long to write, over two years. I would do a lot of research and then hit writers blocks but I finally finished and am proud to present it to you!


A transformation that takes the smallest of elements and turns it into a sentient being that influences humans according to their desires.

Will it ever tell it’s secret?


     The skies turn so dark that even the great star no longer shines, no longer rises, and no longer sets. The sky is full of only ash and dust. The chaos lasts days and turns into weeks and months. Something is wrong. The earth has never been in such turmoil. Growing concerned even TEC becomes frightened. The air turns grey, and the winds howl with fury continuously. The rains begin to beat down and don’t give way, so much so that TEC is pushed down into the ground with others of its kind struggling to move where they want, run and seek shelter.

     Frantically the elements bounce off one another within their confinement. The land begins to spit out large boulders of fire, not just from the mountains, creating waves of destruction that span out across the earth. They try to break free from this madness, but none are successful. Each wave on land brings terror to everything that contains any life left, being instantly extinguished. The animals run, fly, and flee in every direction, and yet even they are met with death. There is no haven for anything or anyone.

     As the air shifts, TEC and the others like it begin struggling to stay above ground, to no avail. TEC feels the land gradually tear apart in all directions, no longer one great land mass but many smaller ones. The same crimson flowing demon that the mountains spewed continues to flow freely from the depths of the earth. The anger encases everything, encasing TEC and entrapping it. Others like TEC are captured along with it. The tiniest of freedom they just fought for is now gone. They cannot wriggle free. They are trapped. Trying to dart in every direction but not really moving… TEC realizes there is no hope. The red terror is like quicksand, no escape. Whether TEC sits still or wriggles around, the crimson demon has it trapped. They decide to gather close and work together to earn their freedom, but they are not strong enough. The demon seems to have endless strength.



Pre-order your copy today on Amazon will be live 9/23! 

Busy Bee Over Here

The last month things have been so busy I haven’t posted a thing, for that I apologize. My goal is to get caught up and get my posts going again.

Here’s what’s been happening…

I finished one book – edits, cover, formatting… I’m just waiting for the proof copy to arrive before I can go any further. I have also finished the first draft of a different book and have started the edits for it. I have finished two shorts for anthology submissions – one for a publishing company in Australia (still waiting to hear back from them) and the other for an event I will be attending in March in Arlington, TX.  A longtime friend and I have joined up to start offering a local mini-con book event in a couple of years, so tons of brainstorming moments have happened there as well. The garden is being overhauled for the fall plants and I’ve done what I can in there to help hubs out.

And while I make this list it doesn’t seem as if I should be that busy…but really they are all time-consuming projects that have in many moments overwhelmed me.

Book reviews:

Well in the month of August I read more than five books and the ratings all went up on Goodreads… I didn’t write out any extensive reviews (I know that is horrid of me.) but I can list them here and give you links if you want to take a look at them yourselves.

Spark: A Mercy General Novella by Deelylah Mullin (paperback only)

Detoured: A Mercy General Novella by Paige Prince

Bearly Shifted: Mates of Bear Paw River by Everleigh Clark

Homeland (Forgotten Realms; The Dark Elf Trilogy; The Legend of Drizzt, Book One) by R.A. Salvatore

Exile (Forgotten Realms; The Dark Elf Trilogy; The Legend of Drizzt, Book Two) by R.A. Salvatore

Sojourn (Forgotten Realms; The Dark Elf Trilogy; The Legend of Drizzt, Book Three) by R.A. Salvatore

Soon, I will be sharing the cover design for Multifaceted and moving forward with edits for the other book I’m working on now.  See ya soon.


Fantasy/Urban Fantasy eBook Giveaway

Literary Love

This past weekend was the Literary Love Savannah book event in Savannah, GA. This was my first book convention and for three days I was non-stop going and it was a blast.

We got into Savannah on Wednesday evening with the activities starting first thing Thursday morning. First, hubs and I took advantage of some free time and walked River Street and getting some dinner.

I could give you an hour by hour recall but I’ll give you a brief rundown -2 signings, 2 lunches, 1 dinner, 1 costume ball, and several other things in between. Additionally after each evening we walked several miles along River Street.

The best part of all this wasn’t the things we did but the people we spent time with. The readers were the best ever!

These readers were friendly and wanted to hear about every story. They wanted to meet the authors and learn about them. They were the most interactive readers I’ve ever met!

I shared lots of photos on my Facebook and Instagram if you want to see them, for now here are a few.

I’ll be back next year for another round of reader fun!


BOOK REVIEW: Elven Jewel by Kasper Beaumont



This fantasy adventure begins when the magical continent of Reloria is threatened by cruel, scaly invaders called Vergai from the wastelands of Vergash. These invaders are barbaric and are intent on destroying the protective elven forcefield and conquering peaceful Reloria. The Vergais’ plan is to steal the Elven Jewel which is the key to the Relorian defence system.

Halfling friends Randir and Fendi and their bond-fairies are the first to discover the invaders and they embark on a quest to save the Elven Jewel. They leave their peaceful farm village with their fairies and race against time to stop the invaders. They join forces with dwarves, elves, men and a mysterious dragon, and call themselves the Hunters of Reloria.

The quest is perilous, with numerous encounters with the ruthless Vergai, who are determined to fulfill their mission. The Elven Jewel is stolen and the quest becomes a race to the portal to retrieve the jewel before it can be taken to Vergash. A battle for Reloria ensues where the consequences for the Relorians is death, unless Vergai are stopped.

My Review:

Kasper Beaumont has created a wonderful world with her halfings, dragons, and men. Its a fun read with some fantastic twists. The Elven Jewel keeps you entrapped in wonder, excitement, and lots of adventure.

Beaumont created characters that are relatable and believable in a world that you’d want to visit. If you love dragons, fantasy, and some humor I’d highly suggest you read her works!

Get your copy today on Amazon.

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