Memories Missed

Life gives us each day to make memories that can never be taken away from us. But what about the memories that were missed? Moments that you will never get or be given! A pretty deep subject I know! This is a subject I think about every year on this day. Why? It’s my father’s birthday; tomorrow is the anniversary of his death.  I have so few memories of my father from when I was younger and even fewer in my early adult years. My father died when I was twenty-one. He was virtually a stranger to me. I can vaguely recall seeing him when I was around eight, that was the last time I saw him until his death. I did have the joy of speaking to him a few times on the telephone as a young adult, but those calls were never longer than five or ten minutes. I have one letter from him. That is all I have…

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Drop Everything And Read

Each year millions of readers and educators participate in Drop Everything and Read! Not only a celebration of reading but also a celebration of Beverly Cleary’s birthday, the woman who brought us this great event through a book! I wrote a nice little article, you can find it here The Fantasy and Science-Fiction Network members have banned together to give some of our great reads discounts so readers can get more! Join us April 12th on Facebook for a wonderful day long event of getting to know the authors and our work. LINK FOR FACEBOOK EVENT HERE We also have a grand giveaway happening from April 10-13! Amazongift cards, soft cover books, and ebooks all for the taking! a Rafflecopter giveaway

A fishy weekend

Since my husband made it back home we thought we’d take advantage of his time between trips and the great weather, this weekend was a start! Last week we both got our fishing license and post access passes so we can try to hit some hot spots and get some great catches. Setting out at a decent time on Saturday morning we checked the area map and found a pond we wanted to try out, but first to find the road to get there. After a stop at another location and some direction assistance, we were on our way. Bumpy road but great view. We were not away from sounds of cars and trains but we got plenty of nature to look at, cause the fish were NOT biting. 🙂   Our day ended at a new location and catching fish! YAY. Success. We each caught one crappie and white bass. I even held one with no gloves on (that

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Merric and Otto

Last week, I decided to get a fish tank and a Betta fish. After losing all three of my dogs within eleven months, I felt an empty spot. I was not quite ready to take the leap of another dog so I settled on a fish. I could enjoy them without the great emotional attachment or the financial commitment of the same level.He made himself right at home and his personality began to shine almost immediately. We named him Merric, Irish for “ruler of the sea”.  He has begun his daily watch of me… whenever I am in the office it would seem he keeps an eye on me but when I am gone (or he doesn’t realize I am here yet) he hides in the artificial plants and little cave area. He has already realized when feeding time is and eagerly meets me at the top of the tank to gobble up a piece of food, then he will come back later

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Come, meet me and so many others!

I created this blog so readers and friends in and around the world could get to know more about me – the woman behind the pages of the books I write. So far this is the event list I have set up for 2017 and 2018.  I have 5 exciting events set up for 2017 and already one confirmed for 2018… Can you come and see me at any? I’d love to meet you~Cheryllynn Dyess   May   Free to all who come to the library in Copperas Cove.       Tickets                Facebook August   Website        Tickets September   Website                          Tickets go on sale March 1st.                                                Facebook    Facebook     Tickets 2018