The roles we play


I see it way too often. Parents not letting their boys play with dolls or their girls play football for the fear of them “turning” gay.

I shake my head in annoyance with them. A doll, kitchen set, doctor set, football, or anything else will not influence the sexuality of a child.

If that is your fear then I think you have your priorities all out of sorts. I’d be more concerned that my child would grow up to be a drug dealer, a murderer, a rapists, or a person who commits mass shootings. These are the things you should focus on. The sexuality of a child is NOT influenced by the things they play with.

I grew up running the woods. Digging in the dirt. Playing football. Wearing boys clothes. I am very much a straight woman.

I know men who grew up playing with dolls and cooking sets…they are very much straight.

But I’ve committed crimes and so have they.

A toy only plays a gender roles when we as humans give it one. Our kids only know what we teach them.. so why not teach them how to care for baby dolls (this helps with parenting skills), why not let them play with cooking sets (this could inspire them to become a chef), why not play doctor (they may turn out to be a great surgeon).

The roles we let them play today, may influence the human they become tomorrow, it will NOT determine their sexuality.  What you are teaching them by restricting their interests is that their opinions and interests are not important.

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