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East Texas Book Bash

Tyler, Texas welcomed all of us authors in with a great big hug and we had a blast. Laura Goff pulled off her first book signing with ease – at least that is how it appeared to us



There was no confusion to where our tables were. We were even given a dedicated ‘runner’ to escort us to our table and make sure we were taken care of.

Lunch was offered and accepted…

Before the event began, authors mingled as much as they were able until the readers began to spill in.  Many times we attend events where all the readers are only at the start of the event, but we were pleasantly surprised with a steady flow of foot traffic through out the entire event… right up to the end.


Now, I didn’t attend the after party and that was only because we drove home right afterward, but I hear it was a lot of fun.

I was blessed to meet so many new readers and put faces to names with authors I have had contact with online. Even better when we were able to see faces we’ve met before.

All in all the event was quite the success and with such a positive vibe we signed up for next year. So, if you missed the event and/or me… we will be back for East Texas Book Bash in Tyler, Tx on August 4, 2018!

I didn’t take many photos this go round ( I know I was slacking) but if you’d like to see some, head over to the Facebook page.

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