Have you ever spoken up when you saw something going on that was wrong? Were you scared? What ended up happening?

My writing prompt from a new book – 300 writing prompts – I picked this up from a local Barnes & Noble while out with my oldest boy.

So have I ever spoken up when I saw something going on that was wrong? Oh yes! During my first marriage there was an instance where a young child was being abused. I could hear the yelling and hitting through the walls I could hear the child being thrown and hitting the walls and floor. I heard his cries and his fathers yelling.

This young boy was an innocent. He didn’t deserve this. No one … not one person did anything to stand up to the father doing this. So I did! I called child services on him. My husband was mad that I even mentioned it, so I did it anonymously. I was not about to let this continue.

Was I scared? Yes. The man was known to be an abuser of women and now I knew he abused children. To me this act of kindness was worth any abuse I may encounter. I had to do what I could for that child.

What happened? Well, the child services did come and investigated the situation. No one stood up and said anything of any substance. I was heart-broken. They left that young boy with the father. While no one would confront me they all knew I had made the call.

I grew up in an abusive home. There was NO WAY I was going to allow that to happen to another child if I could do anything to help.

Not long after this they moved away and I really don’t know what happened with the boy because I didn’t stay in that marriage, but I know with all certainty that I did what was right in that moment.

3 Comments on “Standing up…

  1. Oh yes, you did do right. I would have reported it too. What a shame nothing happened. I bet you wonder what happened to that boy and if he is ok?


    • I feel good about what I did, I know some of what happened to the boy. I’m saddened that my efforts where not enough, but no one can say I didn’t make an attempt.

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      • Yes, if anything came up again wherever they are now, no one can’t say that it wasn’t reported. Hopefully the boy is treated better.

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